Infor WFM App Reviews

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Same as everyone else

Fix the app or remove it, your website is terrible I wish AMC would chose to spend money on a better service. Military time is a terrible concept get with the program

You need to update this app

Exactly as title reads

Please fix this app!

I wish that I could log in to my account but it will not let me no matter what. So please fix this app.

Can't log in

It isn't recognizing my username. "Customer account not found."

TouchID integration please

Exactly what the title says

Works pretty well

You have to enter a password every time you open the app and then tap the schedule tab to actually view the list of times you're working. No graphic schedule that I've been able to find.

Just crashes

When I try to log in it just crashes Deleted it, downloaded again, it crashes at the same time... Been really excited for an iPhone app that I can save my schedule to my calendar...hopefully this is a feature of this app when it gets up and running

Account Name

I work for a company who uses WFM and am having a hard time identifying their account name. App doesn't have a help section or anywhere to contact for questions. Help?

No employee access


What about the low lifes?

I think a much better app would be access for employees to see their schedules, also so they could import or sync their schedules into ical or google calendars.

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